Frequently asked questions

Wholesale Availability

Wholesale inquiries are certainly welcomed. Please send an email to parfumista@pinkmahoghany.com

Custom and Personalized Orders

I offer private label services for businesses, as well as bespoke fragrance services for individuals. Please send an email to parfumista@pinkmahoghany.com for further discussion.

Are Your Fragrances "All-Natural?"

Although I don't claim that my collection is "all-natural" (with the exception of our essential oil diffuser blends and sprays), I am particularly strict about where the ingredients are sourced, to avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful fillers.
I am constantly researching for better alternatives, should I find that a current material used raises concern.

All perfumes in the PM collection are made with organic cane alcohol as the carrier and natural preservative, along with a combination of essential oils, nature-derived ingredients and extracts. I also use aroma materials from suppliers that aim to minimize/eliminate the addition of phthalates.