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  • Why Does Shipping Take 10 Business Days?
    I am a one-woman team, a homeschooling mother of twin boys and an organist for 3 religious organizations. To feasibly process orders and keep track of all details regarding your order for fulfillment, 10 business days is the current "sweet spot" to ensure there are no errors with your order.
  • Where is my package?
    We are just as eager as you to have you experience the Pink MahogHany collection! Here's how shipping works, generally: The Pink MahogHany studio is closed on Saturdays (with the exception of scheduled bespoke client appointments), Sundays and Mondays. ​Orders placed from Sun-Wed are usually shipped by Thursday or Friday of the following week, unless we incur a surge of customer activity (which we are in the middle of right now.) ​ Once your shipping label has been printed, you will receive an email stating that your order has entered "shipped" status. Please follow the tracking number provided for all updates leading to delivery. If you find that your item is still in "shipped" status, that means your order is being processed by Chavalia at her studio. Once your tracking has updated to "In Transit", that means something fragrant is on its way to you! Trust that you will receive tracking updates as they are available, and it is perfectly normal to have a delay between your initial confirmation email and the subsequent processing email. I am just as excited as you for your fragrant courtship! (For details on current shipping times, please view the shipping and policies section.)
  • Wholesale Availability
    Wholesale inquiries are certainly welcomed. Please send an email to
  • Custom and Personalized Orders
    I offer private label services for businesses, as well as bespoke fragrance services for individuals. Please send an email to for further discussion.
  • Are Your Fragrances All-Natural or Vegan?
    Although we don't make specific claims regarding the PM Collection (due to not having had specific tests to verify), we are particular about where the ingredients are sourced and whether they are animal-derived to avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful fillers and/or animal cruelty. Our products are not tested on animals, and where an animal-derived material would be used, we choose the non-animal derived alternative. We are constantly researching for better alternatives, should it be found that a current material used raises concern. All perfumes in the PM collection are made with organic, culinary grade alcohol as the carrier and natural preservative, along with a combination of essential oils, nature-derived ingredients and extracts and a unique blend of aroma materials. We also use aroma materials from suppliers that aim to minimize/eliminate the addition of phthalates.
  • Are you currently in any major retail stores?
    Not yet, but we are currently in negotiations. Subscribe to our VIP list for future updates of releases and store distribution!
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