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Ned E. Williams was my 3rd generation grandfather who was born a slave but died a professor.

He attended what is now Tuskegee University, befriending both Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver.

He founded what is now Ned E. Williams Magnet STEAM Academy in my hometown of Longview, Texas, where I had the pleasure of serving as the elementary music teacher during the 2019-2020 school year.


“Trust the process.”


Ned E. Williams Manukato is a marathon to the drydown, not a sprint.

It is a methodical strategy to politely encourage you to anticipate when the transition takes place - much like his life from slave to professor.


Having never met Grandpa Ned, I had to truly trust that the intuitive knowledge and spiritual downloads I was receiving were accurate, so when I heard “Add a little more leather” (just as I thought I was done formulating for the day), I had to trust the process.



Safranal, Ethyl Safranate, Choya Raal (reminiscent of felt pen ink), Copaiba Balsam and Leather make up the unique blend that takes you from whip to wallet. You have the strong compulsion to keep bringing your wrist to your nose, just like one would want to keep reading a book full of suspense and intrigue.

The whisper of blackberry peeks through ever so subtly and almost causes you to second guess if that’s truly a fruit you’re smelling. It adds a slight, bright richness to the leather that indicates the more pleasant side of life.


Grandpa Ned was a man of astuteness, detail and persistence, so his fragrance bears the same qualities that I hope you find true enjoyment in wearing.


May you exude confidence and feel opulent but also reminded that the fragrance would not exist without him.


To you,

Great-Great-Great Grandpa Ned.

Your legacy lives on through scent.


(Ned E. Williams Manukato (Perfume) is an avant-garde, clean leather-based fragrance that’s definitely non-traditional. Great-Great-Great Grandpa Ned was a classy and studious man, so it’s only right to have rose-essenced blackberry walking hand-in-hand with minted bergamot waving “hello” ever so quietly in the background.)


Citrus Accord • Blackberry • Black Tea

Rose Essence Accord • Felt pen ink

Paper • Books • Saffron • Oakmoss • Luxurious leather • Oak • Artemisia Absinthium • Indonesian Patchouli • Texas Cedarwood • Labdanum • Haitian Vetiver


Deep resins, Oakmoss and an Arabian oud accord are the base notes chosen to represent the richness of Professor Ned's melanin.

Ned E. Williams

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