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Grandpa Ned E. and Grandma Ada were physical counterparts, and my aim was to reunite them through alchemic energy, embodied in fragrance.


Just as seamlessly as I created Ned, all components of Grandma Ada's packaging came together, mirroring her tailored apparel. Grandpa Ned ensured that both his and her clothing were always tailored, so it was only befitting for Grandma Ada's fragrance to also complement his.


With an opening of soft, minty citrus, bee balm, tea and coffee tinctures, your senses are invigoratingly awakened.

As you journey along, pink flower petal accord, Japanese plum, clean sea salt, wisteria and soothing lavender calm any anxiousness.

Nostalgic musks + ylang-ylang create a soft retreat for your counterpart after a demanding day.


Ned & Ada - reunited, and it feels so good...


Sea Salt•Fresh Mint•Ume Japanese Plum•Lavender•Wintergreen Accord•Citrus Accord [Kumquat, Pink Grapefruit, Pomelo]

Bee Balm•Myrtle•Wisteria•Rose•Ylang-Ylang•Tahitian Gardenia•Tea

Maua Matamu Yenye Matunda•Neroli

Cocoa Butter•Columbian Coffee•Vanilla•Musk

Ada Williams

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