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***only 60 bottles total will be sold!***


Velours Rouge (Red Velvet) is a sensual and indulgent song that entices the senses with its mouthwatering notes.

Velvet doesn’t just refer to the chocolate cake but is also represented by an elegant rose + iris “chord structure.”

Vanilla cognac, cashmere musk and velvet-like woods whisper a nostalgic, passionate melody, set to a smooth rhythm of true love.

Please accept the invitation to press replay without any fear of judgment, and have no reservations about fully immersing yourself in its captivating allure.

Velours Rouge is a sophisticatedly sensual gourmand best enjoyed under dim lighting - with the one you can’t wait to be devoured by. 


Yellow Mandarin • Rose + Iris Petals • Cognac-Infused Chocolate • Coffee • Cocoa • Vanilla 

Velvet • Cashmere Musk

Velours Rouge

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