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Black History Month Tribute:

Ned E. Williams, Manukato is now available!


Pink MahogHany is a collection of hand-crafted, olfactory compositions that are designed to be worn by those who are effortlessly different. 
Each perfume is made with a unique, organic, culinary grade perfumer's alcohol blend.
My approach to perfumery is a reflection of my musical creativity and background, and I am constantly devising ways of communicating scent in a very intriguing way!

Our labels have a new look!
As we phase out the previous labels, you'll notice imagery of the new labels throughout the website. Trust that the fragrances you love have not changed!


Experience the alchemy of our fragrances courting your senses and flirting with the skin.

The Discovery Set introduces you to all the "OG" perfumes:

 (the first 6 created from the collection)

French Cuffs, Fedora, Tandem, A Mother's Love and Pas Encore Nomme`.

Each fragrance narrates a different story...the story of life, transformation,  seduction or creation.

Which will capture your attention?

[For all other samples, please purchase separately as they are not included in this discovery set edition.]