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Indulge in a unique fusion of Madagascan, Tahitian and Indonesian vanilla beans, delicately steeped in vanilla whiskey until distinctions blur into a harmonious symphony of drunken pleasures.


Enter a realm where conventional boundaries dissolve, leaving only an exquisite blend of Vanilla Bean Tincture, Jamaican Rum and Peach Cognac to tantalize the senses.


Enhanced by smoked Oak Wood Accord, the warmth of Cedar and Sandalwood accented with the allure of Orange Neroli Blossom and the richness of Benzoin, finished with a touch of Caramel Apple Brandy and Vanilla Malt, this gourmand blend redefines how vanilla is translated with every intoxicating note - differently...


Madagascan/Tahitian/Indonesian Vanilla Bean Tincture IntoxiFusion•Vanilla Malt Whiskey

Apple Brandy•Toasted Caramel•Benzoin•Orange Neroli Blossom

Spiced Jamaican Rum•Peach Cognac•Sandalwood•Cedar•Torched Oak Wood Accord

Drunken Vanilla

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TBA - Summer 2024
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