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When I created Pas Encore Nomme` (Pahz-Unkōr-Noh-Meh), I knew I wanted to challenge myself to work with pineapple, creating a mature, fruity fusion of sweetness.

Though the fragrance is quite simple in its ingredients, the complexity on skin through each phase had me perplexed on what to name it.

Because pineapple is the star player, I wanted to steer clear of using pineapple anywhere in the name.

I finally decided to "pen" the name in French, where it translates to a simple English phrase, "Not Yet Named."

Pas Encore Nomme` - where complexity meets simplicity and directness.


Little known fact: PEN is the Pink complement and fragrance counterpart to Gent.


Tropical vacations just became more enjoyable - even if temporarily through your thought tele-transportation.

With an opening of juicy, organic, ripened pineapple extract accord, malted sugar for extra sweetness and creamy vanilla as the drydown, your skin will thank you, and those close to you will be grateful you passed by, leaving your scent trail.


[Not responsible for infatuation...or am I?]

Pas Encore Nommé

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