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***only 60 bottles total will be sold!***


Indulge shamelessly in the irresistible allure of Valentine - a citrusy, strawberry-drizzled cheesecake perfume and complement to Velours Rouge.


This captivating counterpart effortlessly combines all elements and nuances of partaking in eating a slice of cheesecake off warm skin - from the luscious sweetness of juicy, ripe strawberries atop with the creamy richness of the cheesecake filling, segued into a soft, sensual floral accord, leading to a buttery graham cracker crust - creating a truly decadent experience and scent trail that will have your Valentine anticipating and waiting for more. Dessert, anyone?


Be our Valentine. šŸ’Œ


Rum ā€¢ Strawberries & Cream Drizzle ā€¢ Lemon Zest ā€¢ Cheesecake Accord ā€¢ Rose ā€¢ Butter ā€¢ Graham Cracker Crust ā€¢ White Chocolate ā€¢ Vanilla ā€¢ Sandalwood ā€¢ Musk


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