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***There is a 2-3 week delay due to backorder/supplier restock. Thanks for your patience.***


The aroma vehicle scent fan diffuser is a hassle-free scenting option that simply attaches to your automobile’s vent. It does not heat up or burn your oils, and its sleek design meshes well with any vehicle!


(Includes both vehicle diffuser and 10ml fragrance refill)


Directions for use: Gently twist to separate fan from aroma stone base to add drops of your chosen Pink MahogHany diffuser fragrance. Clip to your vehicle’s vent where desired, and be prepared to ride in scented style!


Key features and how it works:

•Dry Vent Diffusion

•Scent lasts for 30 days+ intervals before having to reapply

•Uses your car vent to diffuse your scent.

•Add a few drops of your PM®️ blend to the aroma stone, turn up your vehicle’s fan and enjoy the drive!

•When the scent becomes faint simply add a few more drops!


7th Heaven - Clean Chocolate + Raspberry


Cotton Clean - Cotton + Musk


Cool Pineapple Breeze - Pineapple + Vanilla


Cascade Moderne - Berry Cocktail


Presidential - New Leather + Jasmine


Fresh Laundered Citrus - Citrus Accord + Amber

Vehicle Scent Diffuser

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